(What’s your size?) See video below

Finding the right ring size can be a difficult task. Unless you have this information at hand by previously having it measured at a local jewellery store or at the franchise jeweller at your popular local mall it can be quite tricky.  We also think that everyone has their preference whether it be a looser fit or a particular firm fit. Our rings are designed for comfort, and as they are made of Silicone, the Rings do offer a little bit of a give. Please ensure you find the correct size as a fee may be applicable for exchanges (see exchange FAQ). 

Please see the below table for our Rings sizes, as well as the video below for a homemade solution to finding your required ring size.

Our Ring SizeUK Ring sizeCircumference (mm)Diameter (mm)Retail Size
4 I1/2 15.3 48.06 XSmall
5 J1/2 15.7 49.32
6 M 16.5 51.83 Small
7 O 17.35 54.34
8 Q 18.2 57.17 Medium
9 R1/2 18.9 59.37
10 T1/2 19.8 62.2 Large
11 V1/2 20.6 64.7
12 W1/2 21.3 66.91 XLarge
13 Z + 1 22.33 70.15
14 Z + 2 22.69 71.28 XXLarge