What Are Silicone Rings?

What are Silicone Rings:

Silicone rings are made of VMQ silicone – a compound made from a quartz element. They have excellent heat resistance of up to about 220 C, ozone resistance and very good dielectric stability. Also they have very good flexibility at low temperatures, but have lower tensile strength, tear strength and wear resistance.

Operating temperature of silicone rings function reliably at temperatures of -60 C to 225 C. Some types of high-temperature they can be exposed to extreme temperatures above 300 C and negative temperatures below -100 C.

Hardness of silicone rings: They have a hardness of 25 to 90 Shore A.

Color: They can be produced in black, brown, green, white, tile, yellow, blue, red, orange, purple, gray, as well as other colors upon request.

Application of silicone rings: They have a very good performance when exposed to the outdoors and at extreme temperature levels. Usually this type of rings is used in the automotive industry, lasts a long time and is highly flexible. They have excellent electrical insulation properties and can be installed where strict adherence to production standards is critical.

They are smooth, light and can have any colour, shape or texture you can imagine. Silicone is a flexible material, so deformation or break due to impact will not be a problem. The only drawback of silicone rings is that they cannot rely on perfect stone fixation.

A flexible design for workers, for example, because your fingers are secure when jumping down to the edge of a truck’s platform, even if the ring stays on its edge. Besides, the ring is very stylish. Silicone is lightweight and flexible so you can’t really break this ring.

Characteristics of Silicone Rings:

Unique Design – The slim ergonomic material silicone rings give you metallic look and high comfort. It is quick and Easy-to-wash tenderly with soap and warm water.

Silicone ring is strong enough to follow the most active lifestyles. Ideal for sport, fitness, exercise, training, gym, water sports, beach, hiking, climbing or any other physical activity, including crossfit, jogging, weightlifting, cycling, swimming, diving and hiking.

These rings are perfect for hard workers like Athletes, mechanics, gardeners, engineers etc. Show your commitment to your loved one while doing your job safely. Also for those who have swollen fingers or people with diabetes, pregnancy and other medical conditions can still wear a wedding band.

The silicone ring in fact lends itself very well to be worn at any time, appears rather informal and very light on the hand, so it is never annoying and it is also very resistant. The woman rings most loved are no longer only in gold and precious stones, but also in silicone with coloured stones, and the ladies choose them to complete their outfit with something original, especially with some models that are easily interchangeable with other always new colours. The silicone rings are on sale at a reduced price with models also designed for the cold season, in fact, some of them are covered with soft and delicate velvet, a real gem.


  • It feels warm everywhere
  • Flexible in different situations
  • Suitable for gym
  • Climbing
  • Biking
  • Boxing
  • Motoring
  • Hunting

Popular Charateristics:

  • It is safe to use.
  • Hypoallergenic silicone
  • Does not absorb dirt
  • Designed for daily use
  • Really durable and lightweight
  • Totally odourless
  • Proven to withstand frost and sauna
  • Resistant to stretching and torsion
  • It also withstands sunbathing and bathing
  • Easy to clean (the inside of the can turn out)

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