Silicone Rings As Wedding Ring Option?

When you envision wedding rings, you probably picture metal bands, which is why you might be scratching your head at the idea of a rubber version. In actuality, silicone styles are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the number of benefits they offer to certain brides and grooms. To learn more about the option, we spoke with two leading experts in the market. Here, they answer all of your questions about the marriage jewelry trend.

What are silicone wedding rings?

The name says it all. They’re rubber bands that come in men’s and women’s styles and are worn to represent a spouse’s union. “Silicone wedding rings are a great alternative to the traditional metal wedding band, and they can be just as stylish too.

Are silicone wedding rings safe?

Yes, and here’s how. “Silicone rings are approved to wear in more workplaces and professions than any other ring,” Seifert says. “In many cases, they also prevent injuries including blistering, ring avulsion, and degloving.” That’s because “if caught, the ring will break before causing damage to your finger.” Silicone isn’t just flexible but it’s durable, too. It’s “non-conductive and hypoallergenic,” Jones confirms, while Seifert mentions that it’s also “non-porous.” No wonder electricians, nurses, and the likes choose to buy rubber wedding bands.

Why wear silicone wedding rings?

First and foremost, your lifestyle. Active couples may decide to purchase and wear silicone wedding rings to use while at the gym or during their favourite outdoor activities, allowing them to leave their traditional rings safe at home. In other instances, their occupation doesn’t allow them to wear a metal ring or makes it less safe or comfortable to do so. That’s why you’ll spot rubber wedding bands on everyone from professional athletes to firefighters.

Basically, whether you’re adventurous or have special career circumstances, silicone wedding rings can take the worry out of symbolizing your marriage. Rather than go without a band, you can wear one that suits your needs, or buy an alternative to supplement your traditional one when it’s better to leave something metal behind.

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